Basic Drafting and Designing

Duration: 1 day or 2 – 3 hour sessions

This theory workshop is designed for beginning weaves and those weavers who have not made the jump into designing their own pieces.

  • Exploring the relationship between the parts of the loom and weaving fibers and how these two relate to the various parts of the draft.
  • Differences between drafting for the Jack loom, Counter balance loom and the Counter march loom, how each loom works and what weave each is best suited for.
  • Determining the proper epi and dent settling for the woven structure and fiber
  • Balancing a chosen pattern for a specific size of weaving (amount of threads)
  • Combining various patterns (woven structures) in the same piece and possible adjustment of e.p.i. to accommodate number of intersections
  • Color & weave, how the addition of color affects the visual look of pattern