Sculptural Double Weave on 4 harness loom

Schoolmarm and Widowmaker

Schoolmarm and Widowmaker

This workshop will explore how to weave various 3 dimensional shapes for free form sculptures, as well as seamless handbags, pillows, garments, dolls, and triangular shawls. Because the theory relates to 3 dimensional shapes and forms in real space, the information is more applicable to direct weaving experience than theoretical 2 dimensional drafting. Students should come with table looms threaded as per instructions.

Day 1

  • Review basic threading, tie-up, epi and dent setting for structural double weave
  • Go over worksheet showing treadling order, number of shuttles as well as direction and order for weft placement.
  • weave all 12 possible 3 D configurations on basic sculptural worksheet

Day 2

  • Show examples of clothing, doll and triangular shawl and review their accompanying weaving sheets
  • choose one of the projects and weave in miniature on same warp from previous days sample weaving
  • Show and tell, students will share their weaving and discuss their experiences