Creating Visual Texture through Color Progressions

Duration: 2 days

We see color before we see structure. It is thus possible to create visual texture/pattern when weaving tabby. This workshop will explore the possibilities on multi-color warps and wefts to create a variety of visual texture on one piece of cloth. This can be used to weave a variety of very different pieces on the same warp. It is especially well suited to weaving an ensemble of coordinated garments. Students should come with table loom threaded as per instructions.

Day 1

  • We will review the visual nature of color, warm-cool, light-dark, high contrast-low contrast.
  • Review the worksheet to understand values, progressions and implications of odd and even repeats.
  • Begin weaving samples

Day 2

  • Finish weaving samples.
  • Examine results and discuss possibilities.
  • Design and weave series of three related material samples.