Flesberg Bound Weave

Duration: 2 days

This 2 day workshop will explore a 3 harness system of bound weave practiced in the southwest Burkerude area of Norway. Unlike Krokbrogd bound weave, this method uses an odd threading repeat that allows for expansion beyond the 2 block patterning of Krokbragd. This workshop can begin with the lecture I gave at the Norwegian Textile Conference if it is decided not to make the lecture available to the members at large.

Day 1

  • Review of threading of the loom.
  • Look at woven pattern samples and compare them to drafting in the workbook
  • Weave a selection of samples in black, grey & white

Day 2

  • lecture and workshop on drafting/designing individual sample in color
  • weave sample of own design using 2 different color progressions
  • Group discussion about how color & weave affects the patterning in Flesberg

This workshop also includes a workbook with history, technical drawings, drafts and worksheet space.